Maria Sharapova’s Agent Reveals Something SHOCKING!


For Maria Sharapova, the 15-month doping ban obviously brought some bad consequences, but there were some good ones also.

Sharapova’s agent Max Eisenbud, interviewed by CNN, revealed that the ban will help her extend her career that started 15 years ago.

‘If (the suspension) didn’t happen, this probably would have been her last year,’ Eisenbud said. ‘Her body was in bad shape.

The first six months, her body needed rest.’ Eisenbud thinks Sharapova, who had some wrist issues in 2016, is about to live her third career.


The first was before the shoulder surgery that happened in 2008 that could have really threatened her career, the second one after the surgery and now another one after the doping ban.

He predicts Masha will compete at least for three more seasons. ‘I think she’ll play through Tokyo at the Olympics, if healthy’.

It’s not definitely a surprise that Sharapova aims to play until the 2020 Olympics. Last year, she had said several times that would like to be at Tokyo in 2020.


Eisenbud added that every single tournament called him to offer Masha a wild card, but the Lawn tennis association (LTA) said they did not make any invitation for the summer events.

‘We have not made any offer, formally or proactively, to any player with regard to our summer events.’


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