Here’s How Vanessa Bryant’s Wealth Skyrocketed To $600 Million

Here's How Vanessa Bryant's Wealth Skyrocketed To $600 Million


American model Vanessa Marie Bryant is the wife of renowned NBA player Kobe Bryant. She was a high school senior when Kobe, already a star with the Los Angeles Lakers, proposed to her. Suddenly thrust into the limelight, she gradually evolved into more than just her husband’s supporting character. Her marriage had endured sexual assault allegations against one of the highest paid basketball player during his time. The couple eventually filed for divorce petition that was ultimately dismissed.
Like her husband, she was soon the subject of conflicting opinions from the public at large, being admired one moment and then mocked the next. Celebrity Net Worth says Vanessa Bryant will be worth an astounding $600 million in 2021. Kobe Bryant, her late husband, amassed most of this income throughout his 20-year professional basketball career


Vanessa’s Early Life & Meeting Kobe Bryant
Formerly known as Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta, Vanessa Bryant was born on May 5, 1982, in Huntington Beach, California, to parents of Mexican descent. Sophia Urbieta, her mother, raised her alone while juggling two careers because she was just three years old when her parents split up. Sophia married Stephen Laine in 1990, and Vanessa acquired his surname in 2000, even though she was never legally adopted by him. Bryant and her friend Rowena Ireifej went to an Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre hip-hop performance in August 1999.

They were recruited to be background dancers and extras in a music video and even celebrities took on the role of being an extra in the music videos before becoming famous. In the future, Bryant shared the screen with singers like Krayzie Bone and Snoop Dogg in their respective music videos. Bryant first met her husband-to-be Kobe Bryant in November 1999, on the set of the music video for the song G’d Up. Bryant’s final year of high school was spent as an independent study because of the disturbances produced by her high-profile romance.



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