Cardi B Speaks Out On ILLUMINATI Involvement!…..As Fans Cries Out


Cardi B is coming clean after a series of photos from a recent shoot had conspiracy theorists questioning her involvement in one of the biggest known secret societies. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:…

Listen to comments from Fans

Of course she’ll defend herself. For masters, musics and money.👌

she definitely follows suit- publicly endorsing agendas and ideas that are designed to keep people asleep.

I’m laughing because when she said she’s not in the Illuminati someone goes, “SURE. That’s something someone in the Illuminati would say🧐🧐🧐🧐” LOL like true, they’re a secret society so we’ll never know until they take over the world😂😂

Billie Eilish admits it in her music, Tupac talked about it, Orlando talked about it, Bhadbhabhie admitted she’s in it, Kat Williams talked about it, Beyoncé and Jay Z throws symbols in her music video and in performances, Drake represents the 3 6’s, Katy perry admitted it and represents it, example her wide awake music video, even Oprah said “You can’t just get 50 million dollars without a catch to it”.

“Secret” society
Celebs can be sacrificed or “mysteriously” die if they speak out

Mehgan the Stallion is the Illuminatti’s newest puppet. All her new music videos have obvious Illuminatti triangles and secret society black and white checkered print or stripes. Her newest video with Da Baby at 1:52 into the video there is a pyramid with triangles inside of it. I watched the video for the first time thinking “I’m gonna see triangles at some point” and it didn’t take long to see them. The Illuminatt’s main symbol is a triangle with an eye in the middle. The same exact symbol that is on the back of every single American dollar bill. Just look at all of Mehgans music video’s since she signed with J- Zay/Illuminatti/the devil. At some point you will see obvious triangles which is in the video to pay homage to the Illuminatti. If you don’t believe me just watch her videos from the past and video’s in the future because I guarantee you will see Illuminatti triangles at some point.


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